Shorts Programme 2

We love short films and think they are a wonderful format for science fiction themes.

Each year we receive hundreds of excellent films and it is a challenging task to select for our shorts programme.

We have put together six programmes, each showcasing a cross-section of countries, styles and sensibilities.

Over the Moon

(Dir. James Cunningham, New Zealand, 2013, 7mins)

Brace yourself for a rough landing as kick-ass comic book heroine Connie Radar defends the moon from The USA and attempts to prevent the first moon landing.


(Dir. Eric Gandois, France, 2013, 7mins)

The last moments of humanity on earth before nature resumes his duties.


(Dir. Ned Ehrbar, USA, 2013, 12mins)

Boy meets girl at the end of the world, then more shit happens!

(Watch the trailer here.)

Project Kronos

(Dir. Hasraf Dulull, UK, 2013, 15mins)

A mission to achieve interstellar space travel finds the scientists questioning the ethics of it all.


(Dir. Hasraf Dulull,UK, 2013, 6mins)  

In the near future, nano-drones run by IRIS, an advanced A.I system, start redefining who the enemy is.


(Dir. Rob McLellan, UK, 2013, 7mins)

ABE is a robot, programmed to love and looking for it in all the wrong places.


(Dir. Bruce Hutchinson, USA, 2012, 15mins)

If corporations fund deep space research, will they really tell us what they find?


(Dir. John Harden, USA 15mins)
An elderly couple, revived from cryonic deep-freeze, face the joys and challenges of a second life in the distant future

A Perfect Soldier

(Dir. Chamoun Issa, UK, 2014, 7mins)

A General, a Scientist and a Rebel struggle  for control over a bio-weapon that could change our world forever.


Screening Times

3:20pm - Sun, 4th May 2014

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