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Here we present a collection of radio dramas that all have Mars as the setting for their story.

For centuries we have been obsessed with 'the red planet' and what secrets it might contain and opportunities it might offer us.

Mars is so close, yet so far away... one day, maybe in our lifetime, we may see humans set foot on the surface. For now, we rely on the robots we send to bring us news from our mysterious neighbour.

We hope you enjoy these tales.

2000 Plus
2000 Plus - The Men From Mars
DIMENSION X - Mars is Heaven
DIMENSION X - The Martian Chronicles
DIMENSION X - And the Moon be still as bright
DIMENSION X - The Martian Death March
DIMENSION X - Dwellers in silence
X MINUS ONE - Mars is heaven
X MINUS ONE - The Parade
X MINUS ONE - A thousand dollars a plate
X MINUS ONE - The Last Martian
X MINUS ONE - The Girls from Earth
X MINUS ONE - Martian Sam
X MINUS ONE - Inside Story

The SFL Team.

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